Learn more curriculum-related information specific to certain grade levels:

Elementary (Lower: G1-G3)            Elementary (Upper: G4-G5)            Secondary (MS: G6-G8)            Secondary (HS: G9-G12)

Our education model makes GES a unique English Program (EP) school with an international foundation and outlook. We promote independent and critical thinking in our students, encouraging them to take ownership of their learning experience. Parents can be assured that GES will provide their children an English-based education without compromising the development of their Thai literacy or understanding of Thai history and culture.

  • Our teachers are primarily recruited from the United States or Canada 

  • Students are taught in and encouraged to speak in standard English 

  • 80% of the classes are in English: Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, PE, Art, and Music.

  • 20% of the classes are taught in Thai: Social Studies and Language Arts

  • Curriculum is based on US educational materials and resources.