GES offers international program schooling for children ranging from K1 (pre-school) to Grade 12. We believe in the partnership of parental involvement and teacher investment is important in all stages of development from the formative years through adolescence; we endeavor to create a nurturing atmosphere where our students can be challenged to grow academically, socially and spiritually.

Education Model

Our bilingual education model is based on the premise that as children are taught in two languages, their thinking will be in those languages, as well, rather than translating from language to language. Our aim is to provide quality education with high academic standards while building English language comprehension and fluency in our students.

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Student Support

Not all students are at the same level of English ability so we provide programs designed to help students develop their language ability to a level where they can be successful.

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Electives & Specials

We offer a variety of electives and specials classes to provide our students with a broad knowledge base and a variety of skills that challenge critical thinking to achieve a well rounded student body.

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Our teachers teach curriculum that is based from the United States. We then adapt it to fit the Thai system and our students needs.

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