Electives & Specials

We offer a variety of electives and specials classes to provide our students with a broad knowledge base and the skills to integrate and synthesize information that comes from different subject fields. Kindergarten classes have art, music and physical education integrated into their lesson plans throughout the week; elementary students have specific periods during their week to go to music, physical education, art, and computer classes. Middle and high school students have the opportunity to sign up to take a number of elective courses choosing from classes like physical education, language, art, music, or computer technology.

Physical Education

A required class for all students from Grade 1 through Grade 12, physical education provides for the mental and physical needs of the whole child. (Health and nutrition are also taught Grade 6 and Grade 8, respectively. ) Students in middle and high school may sign up for an additional class under this category, such as basketball, volleyball, or yoga. Games and Field Days are also annual events that are tied in with physical education.


Art is a required course for Global English School students in elementary program. Students in primary schooling learn the basic principles of art with numerous projects throughout the year. Students in secondary schooling have the option of learning the more advanced fundamentals of drawing, ceramics, painting, etc.


Elementary students learn the basics of music and singing, practicing various songs and learning new instruments on a weekly basis.  Performance showcases are held once a year and are also featured in the annual Christmas Programs.


A variety of language courses are offered at GES. In kindergarten students have a Chinese class in addition to learning English and Thai. In upper grades, students can choose to take language electives such as Japanese and Chinese. Our students have the opportunity to be learning multiple languages in hopes that they can leave GES with the skills to continue learning languages with ease throughout their lives.

Computer Technology

All students are required take a computer class once a week. Elementary students learn basic keyboarding skills, how to properly navigate the Windows operating system, and how to use software at a beginner’s level. Grade 7 – Grade 12 students have the option of signing up for classes that focus more on multimedia presentations (using computer programs like PowerPoint and Publisher), web site design, coding and management, as well as introductory computer hardware and programming.



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