GES Online Application

Global English School (GES) was founded with the evangelistic intent of spreading the life-giving and life-saving message of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people of Thailand. Today this remains the core purpose behind everything we do. As educators, we believe that providing quality, genuine, relevant, education is a reflection of two facets of our faith:

  1. Integrity Our student families are paying customers expecting to receive the product that we offer–which is a solid foundation for their respective educational journeys.

  2. Love Jesus came to spread truth. Expanding their perspectives and broadening our students’ knowledge helps to open them to the greater and deeper truths that God offers to the world. And if we love them, we want this for them.

In filling out this application you are agreeing that, if hired, you will be intentional in your personal pursuit of Christ, as well as your pursuit of quality, genuine, educational practices interlaced with evangelistic words and actions. Please contact with any questions or concerns regarding your application. (Please note: you should receive a copy of your application to your email provided, if submitted correctly.)


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