Hiring Process

Once you’ve submitted the application at www.gesthailand.com/apply you will receive a confirmation email from GES within 3 business days.  If you do not receive confirmation from GES within 3 days of submitting the application, please, send an inquiry to hr@gesthailand.com. After reviewing your application we will reach out to your listed references with the exception of your character reference who we will contact by phone following your initial interview.

Once we have collected feedback from all references we will send you an email to schedule your initial interview. This interview will be conducted via Facetime or Facebook messenger video chat or a phone call if you do not have access to a video chat option. The interview will be approximately 30 minutes in length and will serve to give us an overview of your background, work experience, testimony, and other aspects of your personality that will inform how we proceed with your application.

After your initial interview you will be asked to complete the 16 Personalities personality assessment found here: www.16personalities.com and email your results to hr@gesthailand.com . We will use this information to help us understand you better and get a feel for how you might fit into our community. The test takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

After we have received your personality assessment results and spoken with your character reference, we will email you to schedule a second interview. The purpose of this interview is to further explore your competence as a teacher as well as determine if you are a good fit for our school culture. The interview will be approximately 40-60 minutes in length and will cover topics related to teaching competency, collaboration, professionalism, communication, and cultural awareness. The interview will be conducted using audio only, not video, so no need to dress any particular way for this one.

** The following two sections will be made available to applicants on a case-by-case basis. Not all applicants will be required to complete these steps.**

You can find instructions for different methods of obtaining a background check (also known as Identity History Summary) here: https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/identity-history-summary-checks

This is the most common method used:

  1. Obtain a blank fingerprint card print Form FD-258 (https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/standard-fingerprint-form-fd-258-1.pdf/view) on standard white paper stock and take it for inking.
  2. Complete an FBI Applicant Information Form (https://forms.fbi.gov/identity-history-summarychecks-review/q384893984839334.pdf).
  3. Mail the information form, the fingerprint card, and $18 via credit card payment form (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/identity-history-summarychecks/credit-card-payment-form) or a certified check or money order made out the to the Treasury of the United States to: FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request 1000 Custer Hollow Road Clarksburg, WV 26306

Allow 12-14 weeks for processing and be sure to include a phone number or email address where the FBI can reach you with any questions.

You will need to provide GES with proof of submission which could be a photo of the completed forms, mailing receipt for mailed forms, or any confirmation from the FBI if you submitted online.

After reviewing your sample lesson (if applicable) and receiving proof of your background check request, we will move on to schedule your final interview. This interview will be conducted by a member of the GES administration and a teacher or teachers who hold a similar position to the one for which you are being considered. The interview will be conducted via Facetime or Facebook video chat or another video call alternative if these are not available to you. It will be approximately 40-60 minutes in length and will cover the areas of professional knowledge, instructional planning, instructional strategies, differentiated instruction, & fostering a positive learning environment.


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