Ges International School Nonthaburi
Ajarn Sahat Ektrakul
School Founder

Ajarn Sahat (Mr. Peter) is a well-known businessman in Nonthaburi and among different spheres of Thai Christian groups with contacts around the world. A second generation Chinese Christian, his hope is that all would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior at GES.

Always dreaming of the next big thing, he spends much of his time researching and consulting. Peter has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in Christian education.

Ges School International School Nonthaburi
Ajarn Surang Ektrakul
School Founder

Ajarn Surang (Mrs. Sue) is an experienced and passionate educator who is known for her networking skills and drive for helping people pursue a purpose-driven life. A Christian convert from Buddhism because of missionaries who taught her English, the vision of GES has a special place in her heart.

With a relentless work ethic, she is still tirelessly spends her time dedicated to the future of the school. Sue has a bachelor's degree in both biblical studies and early education.

Ms. Janwimon Ektrakul
Kindergarten Principal & Secondary Co-Principal

Khun Janwimon (Ms. Esther) helps oversee the development and delivery of GES programs; manages the school's relationship with the MOE, local community, and parents; leads the Thai teachers and staff. After leaving the US upon university graduation, she worked for two years in Kunming, China as a 3rd grade teacher. Her teaching experiences, proficiency in two languages, and intimate knowledge of GES make her well-equipped to lead the charge in parent-school communication.

Walden University
MA in Educational Leadership

Mrs. Angi Ektrakul
Elementary Principal & Secondary Co-Principal

Mrs. Angi helps oversee the development and delivery of the school’s programs; manages educational advancements and support services; and leads the foreign teachers and staff. Prior to stepping into this role, she was the office manager of Light Ministries while helping with GES recruitment. As an American transplant, she brings with her the knowledge and perspective to maximize our US-based curriculum.

Liberty University
MA in Education
Walden University
EdS in Special Education

Khun Arthit Ektrakul
Head of Operations

Khun Arthit (Mr. Solomon) helps oversee the development and delivery of the school’s programs; manages GES business operations and financial health; and assures policies are in line with government regulations. For 10 years, he lived and extensively traveled across the US and Canada as the head international recruiter for GES. His time abroad and fluency in Thai and English is a wonderful asset in managing the multicultural and multilingual workplace dynamics and environment of the school.

Liberty University
MA in Business Administration​


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