Ges International School Nonthaburi
Peter Ektrakul (Ajarn Sahat)
School Director

Peter is a respected businessman who is part of an influential sphere of Thai Christians. He is well-connected in Nonthaburi and has contacts around the world because of his work with Spark Global and love for traveling.

A big advocate for lifelong learning, he speaks four languages and can often be found reading a book for the latest course he is taking. Peter has a bachelor's in electrical engineering and a master's in Christian education.

Ges School International School Nonthaburi
Sue Ektrakul (Ajarn Surang)
School Director

Sue is a passionate educator who is well known for her networking skills and connecting people with each other to achieve goals and fulfill their life purposes. A Christian convert from Buddhism because of missionaries who taught her English, the vision of GES has a special place in her heart.

With a relentless work ethic, she can often be found on her phone working out issues and setting up meetings. Sue has a bachelor's in both biblical studies and early education.

Janwimon Ektrakul (Ms. Esther)

Esther's administrative role primarily focuses on student curriculum, staff professional development and parent-office relationships. Because of her unique understanding of GES (she attended the school when it was Panda Kindergarten and grew up on this campus) and her fluency in English and Thai, she is a valuable asset to staff communication and parent communication. Before becoming an administrator, she worked for two years at an international academy in Kunming, China as a 3rd grade teacher. Esther graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor's in elementary education and is pursuing her master's in education administration from Mahidol University.

Angela Ektrakul (Mrs. Angi)

The "farang expert" in the Ektrakul family, Angi works closest with our international staff in helping navigate the ins and outs of the Thai educational system. She really does understand how things feel so different here in comparison to North America, since her experiences in living in Thailand date back to 2006 when she first came to GES as an office volunteer. Apart from managing the international staff, interns, volunteers and missions teams, she is the lead for helping struggling students and student discipline. Before being an administrator, she was the office manager of Light Ministries while helping Solomon in teacher recruitment. Angi has two degrees from Liberty University: a bachelor's in religion and a master's in education. She is currently working on her doctorate in special education. ​

Arthit Ektrakul (Mr. Solomon)

Solomon is the go-to man for questions that have anything to do with campus facilities and resources. His main responsibilities relate to the business components of the school; he manages all things practical and operational, while overseeing the marketing of and recruitment for Global English School. He also works alongside Kru Noot and Kru Nee in managing our Thai campus staff. Before becoming an administrator, he lived abroad for nearly 10 years and extensively traveled across the US and Canada as the head international recruiter for GES. His fluency in Thai and English is an added bonus to the dynamics of the administrative team. Solomon has two degrees from Liberty University: a bachelor's in communications and a master's in business administration. ​

Ges James International School Nonthaburi
James Cote (Mr. James)
Assistant Administrator
Ges Office Staff International School Nonthaburi
Kru Nee
Office Manager
Ges Thai Teachers International School Nonthaburi
Kru Noot
Thai Staff Manager


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